Do you want to have your own online shop?

    This address will not be published. Only city and postal code.

    The URL cannot have symbols nor spaces.
    Only dashes ( - ) and underscores ( _ ) are accepted.
    A maximum of 15 characters will be permitted (16-17 when it is extremely necessary).

    The stores will have a domain email address and it is the one they will use for all communication related to the store. This email is private and it is suggested that after being configured you change your password. It can be accessed from anywhere with Internet access and can be configured (IMAP or POP3) for any email reader (such as Outlook and Thunderbird) as well as with your cell phone.
    There are 2 options to choose your email:
    - initial and last name (
    - name of the store you chose for the URL (

    You can request an additional login for an assistant so they have their own username and password and you can restrict them to only having access to certain sections. Here you can select if you would like an additional user. If you understand that you don't want or need it now, no problem, it is something that can be added later.

    That assistant will NOT HAVE access to configure the cart. They will only have access to the following:

    • Catalog

    • Customers

    • Reports

    • Tools

    • Discounts

    If you want that additional user, but want to restrict some of those menus, you can choose them below.

    It could be a nickname, name, last name. The system recognizes capital letters, so have that in consideration.